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What Is Coinmarketcap And How Does It Work?

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When it comes to real-time cryptocurrency price tracking, Coinmarketcap is the expert. It has become one of the most well-known brands in the rapidly-growing crypto-space since its start in May 2013.

The website and mobile applications aim to make cryptocurrency more accessible to everyone. And to provide real information that is always accurate and of the greatest quality to regular investors.

When it comes to comparing the values of crypto-assets, Coinmarketcap remains one of the most trustworthy sources for regular investors, institutions, and the media.

How Does Coinmarket Work?

Coinmarketcap gathers real-time data from a multitude of sources in order to give reliable price data on verified crypto-assets.

It gathers information from trusted worldwide exchanges, such as price, trading volume, market capitalization, and circulating supplies, and provides it in a timely, unbiased, and easy-to-understand style.

For over seven years, the platform functioned as a stand-alone organization.

Binance, the world’s largest digital asset exchange by trading volume and users, purchased Coinmarketcap in April 2020.

To eliminate imbalance between resources, Binance has committed to retaining CMC as a separate organization, only using its enormous resources to supply the platform with more in-depth project data. This, according to Binance, will provide even better statistics to Coinmarketcap’s millions of consumers.

Nonetheless, some consumers may be enticed to search elsewhere for completely independent pricing information as a result of the change in ownership.

Where Else Can You Find Cryptocurrency Price Data?

If you believe Binance’s acquisition of Coinmarketcap has weakened its independence, you may find bitcoin price data from a variety of different sources.

Our top four coinmarketcap alternatives are as follows:

  • Coingecko uses numerous criteria to rank cryptocurrencies, including developer activity, community, liquidity, market capitalization, and public interest — and the range makes it a popular option to Coinmarketcap
  • Live Coin Watch is fairly new to the game but people like the fact it feels very comparable Coinmarketcap, so it’s ideal for those looking for the familiar CMC feel on a totally independent site
  • Crypto Compare lets you filter coins by features, such as proof-type and algorithm, while the forum-like commenting system gives you direct insight into the public sentiment towards a coin
  • Coincodex is beginner-friendly, yet still offers plenty of coverage for more advanced users — while many crypto-stalwarts follow Coincodex on Twitter as a source of information on emerging altcoins

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